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The health and welfare of pets is our primary concern at Cadomo Vets.

Cadomo Vets: Improved animal health through networking of expertise

The health and welfare of pets is our primary concern at Cadomo Vets. Our practice is committed to providing the best possible medical care to our animal patients because pets come first!

We know that animals are part of the family and that illness or injury can cause as much worry and anxiety for them as it does for their people. Therefore, we place special emphasis on fully understanding and advising our patients and their owners.

Our experts take the time to understand each pet’s needs and health condition to develop a customized treatment solution. We work closely with pet owners to ensure they are well informed and supported in every way.

Prevention is better than cure

Our focus is on prevention, because we are convinced that regular examinations and prophylactic consultation can prevent diseases or detect them at an early stage. We use state-of-the-art technology and a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic options to provide the best possible care for our animal patients. At Cadomo Vets, the well-being of the animals always comes first.


At CADOMO, our focus is on providing the best veterinary care, and we know that this can only be achieved through responsible management and a valued veterinary workforce. We want to be the best employer in the veterinary market and therefore offer our employees the best working conditions and flexibility. We openly address issues such as mental stress and burnout and take proactive action through working time records, flexible working hours and a clear distribution of tasks, as well as open discussions in a flat hierarchy to protect the health of our employees.


We respect our veterinary colleagues, referrers, partners and suppliers and are always willing to cooperate. Our goal is to provide fast and effective solutions by working together and pooling our expertise.

At CADOMO, we are aware of the ecological impact that a veterinary practice can have on the environment. We are working specifically to reduce our environmental footprint and create offsetting opportunities. We strive to be as paperless as possible, practice environmentally conscious waste management (e.g., anesthetic gas disposal), and utilize CO2 offsets to reduce our environmental impact.

We take our social responsibility seriously and have designed six key themes in CADOMO: Respect for Human Rights, Good Labor Practices, Environmental Protection, Fair Business Practices, Customer Affairs and Commitment to Community Development. These issues are presented transparently and sustainably in our company to ensure that we live up to our responsibility to society and the environment.

Our Management Team

We share a common understanding of values and a desire to sustainably improve animal health in a changing environment.

Dr. med. vet. Peter Kronen
Dr. med. vet. Peter KronenFounder & CEO
Full-blooded veterinarian with international experience (Italy, UK, USA, Vietnam, Argentina) – since childhood with undimmed enthusiasm. European specialist in anaesthesiology and pain management.

+41 76 428 3832

 Jens-Peter Neumann
Jens-Peter Neumann Founder & CFO
For many years he held senior positions in international banks, investment companies and a human medical hospital group in Germany and abroad.

+49 172 446 3949

Dr. med. vet. Andrea Wolk
Dr. med. vet. Andrea WolkCOO
Her time as a practical veterinarian in surgery as well as a project manager have shaped her view and understanding of the profession and are the cornerstone of her vision for the future of veterinary medicine. Animal patients drive everything she does, but people are at the heart of her every objective.

+49 151 61592346

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